Boxing/Mitt Work

1-Hour Boxing sessions with Coach Jojo.

Personal Training

1-Hour personal training sessions with Coach Jojo.

Online Coaching

Strength and conditioning delivered by TrueCoach app.

Refined Nutrition 

Nutritional guidance delivered by PN ProCoach app.



Hi, I am Coach Jojo. I am a Human Performance Coach based in Charlottesville, Virginia. From high schools, to colleges and surrounding communities, I have trained and worked with athletes, stay-at-home Moms and 88 year old grandparents in the fight against Parkinson's Disease! - Helping each to maximize their potential, reach their goals, and live their best life. 

My mission is to help YOU become a stronger, healthier and a more resilient human. That is POWER Refined!

No matter your age or stage of life, I want to work with you to help achieve your goals! 

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"Jojo is truly a one of a kind coach. Before working with him, I primarily focused on cardio and didn’t really know what to do with weights over 15 pounds. Thanks to his programming and motivation, I am stronger and moving more efficiently than ever before. I’ve seen him work with all kinds of clients, from people who have never lifted to D1 athletes - his workouts are friendly for beginners, but plenty challenging for the most seasoned fitness-goers. And somehow he manages to make it fun for everyone—can’t recommend him enough!"

— Kalene R.